Today we had a wonderful first day in Maribor

Cacib Maribor 15.04

Judge: S. Sinko
😚Aquila blue „Dastan“ with Mephisto’s Spirit😚
☆☆V1, CAC☆☆
Doris Schmidt and My lovely Baby 😙Just like Heaven“ Sola“ von der Boeler-Heide😙
First show babyclass
☆☆very promising 1☆☆
☆☆best baby☆☆
in the ring of honour under the best 7 babies
Claudia Labrenz Vd Boeler-Heide
😍😍I’am so happy and proud of my dogs😍😍
Thank you Heidi Edelsbrunner for the lovely pics😘😘😘